Upland challenge series 
est 2013

Upland Challenge Series (UCS) was formed in 2013 in the hopes of building a circuit for the average upland hunter. After playing multiple circuits around the midwest and compiling ideas, listening to participants, and watching other events the idea was born. At UCS, the goal has always been that a single or two dog owner could compete against professional trainers and handlers. We limit entries to even the playing field. You won't need a trailer full of dogs or an unlimited resource of money to be successful at any of the Upland Challenges!

We at UCS strive to have a quality product at all events, paying attention to the details. All the staff at events are working because they not only enjoy the game but because they are hand selected due to the quality of their work.

Come to the next event in your area and see for yourself! If you are hesitant, please contact UCS for any questions. Perhaps you may want to just watch, please come. We supply lunch!

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